General practice and primary health care offer of support

We have set up a register of GPs, practice nurses, practice managers, administration staff and other primary health care providers willing to assist in an emergency / disaster situation. Those wanting to provide support would be contacted in the event of a disaster to provide assistance at a designated general practice.

In all emergency / disaster situations it is acknowledged that general practice staff are often members of the same community and can therefore be impacted at a personal level by the disaster. Expressed availability is therefore voluntary and continually assessed throughout the emergency / disaster situation.

  • Organisations / practices: if you have the capacity to provide additional support to fire affected regions, whether in person or remotely, let us know what you can offer and the time period available.
  • General practitioners: act as a locum working in the place of the regular physician, on a short or longer term basis as advised by the person offering support.
  • Practice nurses: provide medical support for people, on an as-needs basis and in line with scope of practice.
  • Practice managers / administration staff: provide admin support to coordinate people attending the practice.
  • Other health professionals: provide support for people, on an as-needs basis and in line with scope of practice.

I’m interested in offering support, what next?

  1. complete the online form below
  2. if your assistance is required, you may be contacted by the PHN to coordinate your support efforts
  3. once at the general practice, further direction will be provided. 
In which areas would you be willing to provide assistance?