Application criteria

Submissions had to outline how the practice plans to embed a pharmacist into routine practice, and have a focus on:

  1. improving quality use of medicines and harm reduction strategies including de-prescribing
  2. medication reconciliations to promote continuity of care through transitions from hospital to community and community to aged care facility
  3. improving communication pathways between GPs, community pharmacists and hospital pharmacists to provide better integrated care

Practices may choose to articulate a pre-identified patient cohort for project-funded pharmacy services, or the process by which they might identify such a cohort. These approaches might be population-based and/or condition-based, or incorporate other methodology which should be explained in the submission.

Applications were assessed against responses to the following:

  • outlining a plan to embed a pharmacist in the general practice setting as part of the primary care team
  • outlining new or enhanced communication pathways to promote team-based care
  • description of how the proposed service model will ensure involvement of consumers, families and carers
  • outline the proposed governance (including clinical governance) and leadership structure for the service

Preference was given to submissions which demonstrated:

  • clear alignment between the proposed activities to an identified area of unmet need
  • strong partnership approaches to achieve optimal outcomes
  • consideration for the scalability and sustainability of proposed activities