Secure messaging

One of COORDINARE’s strategic priorities is partnering to integrate services and systems. As part of achieving this, we will increase the use of secure messaging to streamline the flow of relevant patient information across the health provider community.

Secure messaging supports the secure point-to-point delivery of healthcare messages to a single known receiving organisation. This electronic messaging software enables health professionals to send and receive sensitive or confidential documents such as referrals, reports, pathology and radiology requests, results and discharge summaries in a secure and encrypted environment.

Secure Messaging minimises the burden of manual and paper processes and is a timely and cost effective means for sending and receiving clinical information, find out more here.

A range of secure messaging products are available, including Argus, HealthlinkMedical Objects and ReferralNet.

COORDINARE can assist you and your practice achieve meaningful use of current digital health initiatives. For information and support around secure messaging, contact COORDINARE at or call 1300 069 002. You can also download our remote support tool here.