'Benefits of vaccination'

A free COVID-19 vaccination campaign for health services, local councils, organisations and community groups.


COORDINARE has created a community engagement campaign to support health services, local councils, organisations and community groups to raise awareness of the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

The ‘Benefits of vaccination’ campaign focuses on the choice to vaccinate and the benefits herd immunity will bring.

The Department of Health webpage is listed (and QR code included on posters) to encourage people to use the eligibility checker to identify where they can access COVID vaccines.

You are welcome to share this campaign throughout your networks. It includes social media graphics and printable A3 and A4 posters.

Note* due to copyright restrictions, the COORDINARE logo must not be removed from any materials.


You can view the digital and social campaign guide here!



Facebook | download here


Instagram | download here


Insta Story | download here


A4 Posters | download here 


Customisation of campaign

Customisation of this campaign is available so you can include your logo and website URL with the artwork components.

If you’d like your brand to be included, or would like more information, email communications@coordinare.org.au


Resources in different languages

If you have a specific need in your community for the ‘Benefits of vaccination’ campaign to be translated into a different language, please contact COORDINARE's communication team to discuss.

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