What have we achieved?

  • 10 out of 12 of our clusters regions were represented in the project, providing good spread across the catchment
  • over $550K of funds was dispersed primarily on implementing practice model of care but also to support the upskilling of primary care staff across the region
  • 13 separate projects were funded across 17 general practice sites
  • 3 of the projects involved a partnership approach with LHD, enhancing our relationships and  encouraging general practice to think about their role in the healthcare neighborhood
  • 7 of the projects focused on at risk or vulnerable groups
  • 5 of the projects incorporated allied health
  • over 90 general practice staff were upskilled as part of the project including the
    • GP leadership program, the Medical Practice assistant, health coaching / motivational interviewing, as well as clinical training specific to individual projects e.g. spirometry training; and
  • in the 9 months the pilots were live the projects reached over 650 patients.

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