Southern NSW LHD Intellectual Disability Mental Health Service

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The SNSWLHD IDMHS is looking to establish a network of GPs to provide targeted support from the IDMHS staff.

The Southern NSW Local Health District (SNSWLHD) Intellectual Disability Mental Health Service (IDMHS) aims to improve mental health recovery outcomes for people experiencing an intellectual disability, by increasing the capacity and integration of associated services in the region. 

The service has been operating since September 2019 and comprises District Coordinator, Specialist Psychiatrist, Clinical Leader and Administration Officer.

A Specialist Psychiatry Clinic is provided from Goulburn each fortnight delivered by a visiting medical officer from Sydney, currently Dr Clint Pistilli, and is supported by an experienced clinical leader. Telehealth consultations are available. The team also welcomes GP contact for case discussions with the Specialist IDMH Psychiatrist and or Clinical Leader.

Referral to the IDMHS Clinic should be for mental health related concerns via the existing Mental Health TECS Line by GPs, or by the consumer or nominated carer(s): Triage and Emergency Care Service (TECS) Mental Health Line 1800 011 511

The IDMHS team are keen to establish a Network of GPs interested in both Intellectual Disability and Mental Health. This Members of this ‘Network’ will provide targeted support from the IDMHS staff including access, up-coming course information and distribution of literature. 

There is targeted training with CPD accreditation for GPs interested in working with this patient group. The team may also refer relevant patients from the IDMHS to GPs interested in working with this patient group. 

If you’re interested in taking part in the network or would like further information please contact the IDMHS by calling the District Coordinator, Jason Mortimore on 0436 932 713 or